X-LITE II Treadmill with BMI Calculator Review

Product Description

The X-LITE II Treadmill is an entry level home use treadmill that’s ideal for beginners. The top speed is 12km per hour (jogging, but not really running fast) and you can manually adjust it for 3 levels of incline with the steepest being 7%. There are 12 pre-set interval training workouts and the option of controlling your workout manually.

The treadmill is a lightweight 28kg and folds away vertically for space-saving storage. As a standard safety feature, it has a cut-off switch that attaches to your clothes and that will shut off the treadmill if you accidentally fall while using the treadmill. There is plenty of space for your mobile phone, so you can plug it in and listen to music through the built-in speakers while you burn fat and get fit.

Our Review

This is definitely not an extreme treadmill. Max user weight is 120kg and as long as you don’t overload it, it should be fine. We would not recommend this treadmill to those who want a high-level workout, but it’s absolutely perfect for ordinary people who want to get moving and improve their fitness. You won’t be able to sprint on this (unless your sprint is on the slow side) but you can get a good, brisk walk or a pleasant jog without the jarring and impact you’d get if you hit the road instead.

It’s easy to see that X-Lite treadmill is pitching at beginners because they offer lots of workout information along with the treadmill, plus resistance bands for off-treadmill strength workouts. We like the way they present and offer extra information, and those who are new to fitness training will enjoy having a pre-planned workout program to get them started. We also like the fact that they include some strength training instructions. You certainly get all the info you need to get the most out of your purchase.

It folds away very nicely and stores vertically in a very compact space. Since it’s so lightweight, one person should be able to stow it away with ease.

Build quality

We wouldn’t say this is the sturdiest-looking treadmill we’ve seen, but it’s still constructed using good quality materials and for the purpose its designed for (and definitely for the price) it’s strong enough to last quite well as long as you don’t exceed the user weight specifications. That said, 120kg (18 stone) is pretty heavy, so the average person will be well within the weight limitation.

The 1100 x 40cm running deck obviously isn’t as big as that of professional gym equipment, but if you’ve ever used a pro treadmill, you’ll know that you don’t need nearly that much space. The width is really ample for a good run and it helps to keep the folded storage size compact. Again, you might need something wider if you’ve got a particularly wide gait, but you’ll be surprised at how little room most runners need, and it’ll encourage you to run straight!

The lifetime warranty on the motor is very encouraging. Parts and frame have a two-year warranty: all in all excellent coverage that demonstrates manufacturer confidence.

Settings and action

The X-LITE II treadmill runs smoothly and isn’t too noisy. Although there are quieter models, you’ll also pay a good deal more for them. If the sound troubles you, jack in your smart phone: the speakers are loud enough to drown out the sound of the treadmill without disturbing your neighbours. You’ll get a smooth walk or run with reduced impact, which is just what you want from a treadmill.

The console is easy to use: start, stop, speed up, speed down: all very self-explanatory and easy to follow. The pre-programmed workouts are all for interval training, so you’ll be walking and running in bursts – a strategy that many experts say burns more fat than a continuous slog. The heaviest part of the machine is the running deck, and that means that it’s nice and stable, even at a fairly brisk jog. Although this treadmill isn’t really for serious runners or sportspeople, it’s got more than enough capacity to challenge the average person with a strenuous walk or jog.

Feedback display

The feedback display has everything you need and is easy to read. You can monitor your heart rate by using the hand grip sensors, see your speed, time and get an indication of calories burned. There are no surprises here, but also no disappointments.

Setting it up

As treadmills go, setting this one up is dead easy. Assembly wise, all you have to do is mount the handles and screen and plug in a wire to get power to screen. Expect assembly to take 15 to 20 minutes. Because the parts are so lightweight, you’ll have no difficulty doing it unassisted.


For an entry-level treadmill, the X-LITE II Treadmill is excellent value for money, especially when you take the warranty into consideration. It’s not for anyone who is looking for something extreme, but the average person will be able to get a good cardio workout.

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