Vans Unisex – Adult U AUTHENTIC Trainers Review

Product Description

On the market since 1966, this is the original shoe from Van, featuring the original styling, and the extra toe cap, with 2 layers of canvas back to back for added support. The original style with a modern twist, the Vans Unisex Authentic pump now features the brand’s trademark waffle sole.

Our Review

It’s available in SIXTY-EIGHT COLOURS and at least twenty-six sizes. It is one of the most iconic styles of shoe available today – universally recognisable and quintessentially ‘Vans’. The Vans Unisex Adult U Authentic range of plimsoles or pumps (whatever you want to call them) are truly unisex, with the almost insane range of styles and sizes meaning they can suit almost any person and almost any outfit.

Espresso? Yep, got that. How about Pewter and black? Yeah, they make those too. Garishly bright yellow? If that’s your style, they’ve got those too. Or gold. Sparkly, dazzling gold micro dots Vans are actually a thing, apparently. Who knew! Of course there’s the usual range of colours – black, white, pink, red, navy, green – for every occasion, dress sense, possibility!

I feel odd writing a review for Vans unisex authentic trainers. I’ve bought them for years and not much has changed – they’re an exceptionally comfortable fit, with the ‘vulcanised’ sole providing great grip for skaters and non-skaters alike. They’ve been made since 1966 so they’re obviously doing something right.

But write a review I must. These shoes are a must-have for any teenage wardrobe, and I’ve struggle to let them go post-teenage years. The Vans Unisex Adult U AUTHENTIC Trainers are complete with their iconic 1cm base, which can withstand one hell of a lot of walking, skating and whatever else you want to put them through. It’s hard to find anything bad to say about them – they mould to your feet almost instantly, they have never rubbed me in 15 years, and are selling pretty damn cheaply on Amazon at the moment if you’re interested in buying a pair.

They’re obviously notĀ theĀ most stylish – they’re a simple pair of plimsoles or pumps, but are a really strong choice for everyday wear. The Vans Unisex Adult U Authentic Trainer is my flat plimsole of choice and I’m sure it’ll continue to be for many years to come.

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