JTX Sprint-7: Semi Commercial Motorised treadmill – XL Review

Product Description

The TX Sprint-7 treadmill lives up to its ‘Semi-Commercial’ rating. It comes close to professional standards, but it is still a home model, so there are one or two things that gym treadmills can do that this one won’t. For instance, there’s no ‘cool down’. It slows nice and gradually, but then it stops.

However, when you consider that it offers you a speedy 22km per hour as top speed and that you get 22 incline levels (auto adjust, of course), you’re looking at a really versatile machine in the TX Sprint-7 treadmill.

If you like pre-programmed exercise routines, you’re in for a treat with 99 pre-programmed options, 4 user programs and 3 programs that you can customize yourself. Although this machine is a trifle pricier than some comparable treadmills, the extras you get more than make up for that. Apart from the fairly usual built in speakers and MP3 input, you get a heart rate chest strap, training weights and something you’d usually have to buy separately: a floor protection mat.

Safety cables are pretty standard fare on all but your beginner treadmills, but just to confirm, this treadmill has one. If it disconnects, indicating a possible fall by the runner, it stops the treadmill.

Our Review

The TX Sprint-7 Semi Commercial treadmill offers a good range of speed and incline settings – much better than most home treadmill setups. Even if you’re a pro runner, you should be able to get a challenging training routine out of this machine. Chances are, most of us will never be able to run on maximum speed and incline settings, so you’ll always be able to challenge yourself, even if you’re already very fit!

It’s a heavy beast, so the hydraulically assisted folding mechanism is helpful, but this only saves space by lifting the running deck level with the feet. You still need 82cm x 82cm of space – not a huge issue if the space you’re putting it in is roomy, but potentially a problem if it isn’t. We reckon that if you want a really good treadmill like this one, it’s always going to take up a bit more space than the dinkier, cheaper models. And it’ll make a fantastic addition to any home gym.

We like the extras that they supply along with the machine. Not having to buy a separate mat to rest it on is a decided advantage, and the heart rate chest strap allows for more accurate heart rate readings. Alternatively, you can use the hand grip readout, which isn’t as precise, but still gives you an indication of how you’re doing. Totally depends on what you’re used to, but the chest strap is great for getting a continuous reading, as obviously gripping the hand grips while running on a treadmill is neither fun nor all that safe!

Build Quality

There’s absolutely nothing to criticize here. Packed, it weighs in at 108 kg, so it’s no lightweight. The predominantly steel construction and the gym sized design mean that you get a solid, durable treadmill that can be used by people weighing in at up to 160 kg with the TX Sprint-7. The running deck measures 140 x 52cm: plenty of space to accommodate the stride of taller people. To back up the impression of sturdiness and quality that the overall package creates, you’ll find that this treadmill comes with a 2-year warranty.

Settings and action

Although there are 99 pre-programmed options, it seems unlikely that any one person, or even a whole family would use that many. The pre-programmed workouts also weren’t very challenging – great for beginner to intermediate fitness, but not for the serious runner. You can amp up a programmed workout by adjusting as you go. However, the custom programs are a great feature. You can set up your run to challenge you as much as you like and you’ll notice your progress as your run gets easier. We also like the virtual 400m racing track – it adds an element of fun and it’s something different.

The running deck has an 8 point suspension system – once again, not equivalent to that of top of the range treadmills, but still enough to limit impact and strain on the knees and ankles. This said, you can get home treadmills with 10 point shock absorption, so if you’re going to be pounding your treadmill on a regular basis and impact is a major concern for you, the Branx Fitness Treadmill, which we’ve just reviewed, might be a better option.

For the rest, there are no complaints. You get a good customisable running experience, responsive controls and smooth, relatively quiet operation. It doesn’t wobble about or seem unstable at any time, and you can give your run everything you’ve got.

Feedback display

The user console and display create a good first impression, and they’re as easy to use and read as you could wish. The display is a 7” Blue LCD screen, and it shows your speed, incline, pace, heart rate, estimated calories burned and time and is easy to read at a glance. The controls are really easy to work out: incline is on the left, speed on the right, stop and start in the centre – all very simple.

The speed and incline shortcuts allow you to increase speed or incline incrementally in blocks of 3, 6, 9, or 12, as well as separate buttons to increase or decrease a unit at a time. This is a really nice little feature if you’re anything like me and hate trying to hold down the speed button during a run to increase or decrease a few mile per hour at a time!

Setting it up

Assembly is really easy and the instructions are clear. A strong person can set it up on their own, but the parts are heavy, so it would be easier to assemble if two people take on the job (as recommended in the instructions). It takes 30 – 45 minutes to assemble, and it’s not nearly as complicated as one would expect. It’s obvious that TX have put some thought into easy assembly.


Whichever way you look at it, this is an excellent home treadmill that comes really close to gym standard, and was a pleasure to review. It’s ideal for serious runners, but those who want a lighter workout but would prefer a high quality, durable and spacious machine will enjoy using it too. This is a serious treadmill, and comes highly recommended!

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