Stamina 4825 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike Review

Product Description

The Stamina Programmable Magnetic 4825 bike is easy to get on and off. It has an adjustable, molded seat to keep you in the correct position while you exercise. Its i InTouch monitor tracks workout time, distance, speed and calories burned to keep you motivated, and its one-button makes it easy to navigate, with the large screen making it easy to read. It comes with six preset fitness programs and a pace guide, and its computer offers a user interactive target zone feature.

You have the option of interacting with any of the six programs to achieve a fun and exhilarating workout as these programs set speed targets that change throughout the program. The target zone display will tell you if your speed is too fast or too slow.

  • Resistance: Smooth, quiet, magnetic resistance
  • Dial tension control to set workout intensity
  • Large, easy-to-read monitor displays all tracking information on one screen
  • Built-in InTouch monitor tracks time, speed, distance, calories, and scans with simple, one-button control
  • 6 preset fitness programs with pace guide
  • Pulse sensors built into handrails to easily stay within target heart rate zone
  • Comfortable, padded molded seat, multiple seat positions adjusts to fit most users
  • Oversized, weighted pedals
  • Wheels for easy transport, leveling stabilizer caps
  • Maximum user weight: 300 pounds
  • Warranty: 3 years on frame, 90 days on parts
  • Dimensions: 56 x 26 x 33.5 inches (LxWxH)

Our Review

I’ll admit, I didn’t know what a recumbent exercise bike was until I tested the Stamina 4825 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike for the first time. For those of you used to traditional exercise bikes, a recumbent bike allows you to exercise in a ‘recumbent’ (lying down) or reclined position, giving you full back support without causing the strains that can occur with normal exercise bikes – namely arm, neck and shoulder strain. Also, the manufacturers claim that the reclined position is designed to allow you to work your hips, thighs and buttocks, so there are some added benefits there too. As a regular cyclist used to the ‘normal’ cycling position, it certainly takes some getting used to, but it’s quite nice to try something a little different.

The Stamina 4825 is a well built, incredibly quiet exercise bike. It can take up to 300lbs, so will be suitable for most users. It comes with an easy to use computer display and 6 built in fitness programmes. It does take some assembly, and we recommend you use your own tools as the included set are a little on the small side, but within 30 minutes you should have it all up and running and ready to go. It provides a good, smooth pedaling action, and there is little jerking or noise even at the higher resistance levels. Its quietness means you won’t disturb flatmates/partners/pets when you’re working out, and you won’t have any trouble hearing the TV.

Exercise bikes are a good choice for the home gym or living room. Unlike running, cycling puts much less strain on your joints, and exercise bikes have the benefit over normal bikes of allowing you to exercise from the comfort of your own home, whatever the weather. You can even watch TV with ease as you’re cycling, made even easier by the bike’s low display console, meaning it won’t block your view.

Of course, the unit is adjustable, and the multiple seat positions mean it should be suitable for most users. We certainly found its padded seat comfortable enough, even after a 30 minute ride. It may not be as comfortable as higher end bikes, but for the price you pay, and if you’re not planning on using it for more than an hour or so a day, it’ll do nicely! If you are using it for longer periods, stick a cushion on it and continue to work out with ease.

The Stamina 4825 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike comes with 6 preset fitness programmes, and its InTouch computer display can track your time, speed, calories and distance, and has just one button to make usage whilst riding as easy as possible. There are heart rate monitors built into the handrails to enable you to remain within your target heart rate zone, or simply track your heart rate during your workout.

If you’re looking to achieve a steady pace throughout your cycle, the machine’s built in display will keep you on track – once you set a desired speed, the display will let you know when you’re going too fast or too slow and allow you to correct yourself and get back to the right speed. It doesn’t have the most advanced of computer displays, and won’t connect to your computer to allow you to download your workouts, but it certainly does the job at giving you all of the basic statistics.

It has a 300lb (136kg) weight limit, so it’s built for cyclists of any size, whether you’re looking to lose some excess fat or tone up your leg muscles. It is easy to adjust the resistance with the simple dial control, and as with many bikes we’ve used, even the lower resistances will get your legs working.

Overall, the Stamina 4825 Magnetic Resistance Recument Bike is a great bike for most uses. The Recument bike does a good job of taking the pressure off your back, it provides a smooth, silent ride, and the seat is adequate for most workouts. The computer could be more advanced, but for that you’ll need to pay for a higher end bike, and unless you need advanced functionality then it may not be worth it. The seat is perfectly comfortable for shorter workouts, but if you plan to spend hours on the thing then you may need a cushion.

A solid 4 star exercise bike.

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