SideWinder Pro XTREME, Forearm and Grip Strengthener #3 Review

Product Description

At 2 inches in diameter, the SIDEWINDER PRO XTREME IS THE ONLY FOREARM ROLLER TO PROVIDE THICK GRIP TRAINING WITHOUT A WEIGHT PLATE. This portable arm machine will send a massive training stimulus in your lower arms that will lead to greater adaption to super strength and muscle gain.

The PRO XTREME is double the weight of the mid-level Sidewinder Pro model (#2 roller). Set the resistance down to easy or to the highest level that’s truly hardcore. To give you an idea how hardcore, the Pro XTREME contains a tension spring spec. of 380 lbs. and roller bearings that can support 2000 pounds! We’re talking about machine parts that are used in manufacturing plants.

You control the resistance by turning the built-in calibrated tension gauge. When winding the handles, twist them with one hand or both. Alternate hands after each set using both clockwise and counterclockwise motions. All SideWinders twist smoothly and quietly.

Made in the USA, all Sidewinder models are meticulously manufactured by hand! SideWinders including the PRO XTREME are made of solid, industrial parts including steel tubing, machined aluminum and neoprene handles. Unlike cheaper, competitor products, they contain no plastic parts that can wear down and crack apart.

Comes with explanations of the grips and exercises you can do with your SideWinder. (Also includes free handy magnetic exercise chart only with Pro XTREME orders.)

Our Review

The SideWinder Pro XTREME, Forearm and Grip Strengthener #3 is at the top end of forearm rollers. It has the heaviest and highest resistance of all the Sidewinder models, 14.75″ in length and with a 2″ diameter grip, and weighing in at 4.3 lbs, making it twice the weight of the next model down (SideWinder Pro XTREME #2).

The grip strengthener has adjustable resistance, so this isn’t necessarily just for elite strengthenists. The resistance is easily adjusted using the tension gague, and at the lowest level the¬†manufacturer¬†claims it’s suitable for beginners. But don’t be deceived, the easy resistance will still give you a good strong workout, and you’ll still feel the burn after a minute or so, so very beginners might be better off with one of the company’s cheaper units.

However, for those more experienced athletes, the highest level lives up the manufacturers’ description of ‘truly hardcore’. They claim the SideWinder Pro XTREME contains the equivalent strength of machine parts from manfacturing plants – tension spring specification of 380lbs, and roller bearings able to support 2000lbs – and it lives up to this claim.

This will provide your lower arms with a really tough workout and continued use should successfully lead to muscle gain. It can be used at multiple angles for targeted forearm and grip workouts, and it’ll really test the limits of most users’ strength. Plus the 4.3lbs of weight mean this’ll work other parts of your upper body as well. For beginners, the SideWinder comes with explanations of the grips and exercises you can perform, but if you’re considering the top end Forearm and Grip Strengthener #3 unit, you probably already have an idea what you’re doing.

As claimed, the SideWinder Pro XTREME #3 is made of solid parts, and it feels like a sturdy unit, with its steel tubing and aluminium / neoprene handles. It should last you a lifetime, and is backed up by a lifetime warranty just in case it doesn’t! It’s an expensive unit, don’t get me wrong, but the added weight and resistance, coupled with the solid build, makes it worth it. Its added weight does make it a bit tricky to carry around with you day to day, but its small size does make it ideal to slip into a gym bag for a lunchtime workout.

The progress bars on the device allow you to see how far you’ve pushed, and track your progress over time as you edge closer and closer to the second red line.

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