SideWinder Pro, Forearm and Grip Strengthener #2 Review

Product Description

The SIDEWINDER PRO, the superb mid-level strengthener of the SideWinder line!

The SIDEWINDER PRO is especially for athletes who’ve already developed satisfactory strength in their grip and forearms, but need the PRO’s higher level, built-in tension levels to succeed to the next level.

Do not be deceived by the LOWER PRICE of the SIDEWINDER PRO compared to the top of the line Xtreme version. This isn’t a cheaper quality version. The manufacturer engineered the PRO for customers who didn’t want to pay for the higher priced Pro Xtreme (#3 roller) but still desired stellar product quality.

Like the Pro Xtreme, the SIDEWINDER PRO will last for years as you slowly increase the tension gauge level to slowly improve your strength to monstrous levels!

Made in the USA, all Sidewinder models are meticulously manufactured by hand. SideWinders including the PRO are made of solid, industrial parts including steel tubing, machined aluminum and neoprene handles. Unlike cheaper, competitor products, they contain no plastic parts that can wear down and crack apart.

No weight plate required! You control the resistance by turning the built-in calibrated tension gauge. When winding the handles, twist them with one hand or both. Alternate hands after each set using both clockwise and counterclockwise motions. All SideWinders twist smoothly and quietly.

Our Review

The SideWinder Pro Forearm and Grip Strengthener #2 is one of a series of forearm and grip strengtheners produced by Sportsgrips. The #2 is a step down from the elite SideWinder Pro XTREME (model #3), and one step above The Sportster, the #1 edition of the product. Despite being the middle product of the range, it still offers a hard core workout, but with an almost $40 price reduction from the #3.

The SideWinder Pro weighs 50% more than the Sportster, weighing 2.25lbs with a 1.15 inch diameter grip size. It of course contains more built in tension, so is primarily designed for athletes who’ve already built up decent forearm and grip strength and want to step things up a notch without paying top dollar for the Pro XTREME.

It is made of high quality durable materials, constructed almost entirely from steel, aluminium and neoprene, so even at the lower price, this is no cheap quality product. Its superior quality means it’s designed to last a lifetime, and the manufacturer has included a lifetime warranty to back up their claim.

When we tried the SideWinder Pro review unit, we were surprised at just how tough it was, even at the lower levels of resistance. We thought we had pretty strong hands, but you really feel it in your forearms after less than a minute. The rings on the unit allow you to track your progress as your strength increases over time, but most of the rings are going to be redundant for us for a while – I’ve still got plenty of strengthening ahead of me before I get past the first couple of rings.

Make sure you try the SideWinder Pro Grip Strengthener #2 from every angle – it can be held horizontally, vertically, at any diagonal, and each will vary your workout and give unique challenges. This won’t just work your forearms – you can isolate the individual muscles and work your triceps, biceps, shoulders and neck, so this is an investment that will easily pay off. Within weeks you will come out with a stronger grip and thicker forearms, and with such high levels of resistance you really can’t go wrong with this product.

We see this unit as easily being as good as the XTREME #3. The major difference lies in the width of the grip – the Pro #2 is 1.15inches in diameter, while the XTREME #3 is has a mammoth 2″ diameter. So when making your decision, let it rest on the size of your hands, not your resistance needs – even the most dedicated trainers will find the SideWinder Pro #2 a challenge on its top resistance.

Great piece of equipment, high quality, and small enough to fit in your gym bag. A must buy for those of who wishing to increase the strength of your forearm or grip for climbing, tennis, golf, or any other sport.

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