Marcy RM413 Henley Magnetic Foldable Rowing Machine Review

Product Description

The RM413 Henley magnetic rowing machine was introduced in 2010, from the very reputable Marcy.

A well-built rowing machine for a fraction of the price of most professional rowers, it comes with 8 levels of magnetic resistance, a complete (but slightly basic) performance monitor, an adjustable tension dial and pedals with a swivelling feature to alleviate unnecessary ankle pressure.

Our Review

Coming in at around the £200 mark as of the publication of this review, the Marcy RM413 Henley rowing machine is at the cheaper end of the rowing machine spectrum. With professional-level machines costing in excess of £600, and usually £1000+, this is a high quality rowing machine for just a fraction of that price.

It’s an entry-level unit, and obviously isn’t suitable for the aspiring Steve Redgraves of the world, but for those casual users looking for a rowing machine for their home gym, the Marcy RM413 Henley magnetic rowing machine is definitely one to consider.


The eight levels of magnetic resistance offer up a decent challenge, and give plenty of resistance for beginners and moderate users. However, you might want a little more resistance if you’re looking for a high intensity workout and build cardio fitness.

If you’re planning on daily use or are a serious rower then it may only be a few months until the level 8 becomes a bit too easy, so if you’re seriously fit then you may need to think about a more expensive rowing machine.

Build quality

Magnetic resistance rowers like the Marcy RM413 magnetic rowing machine are typically quieter than air-resistance rowers, and this unit certainly is quiet. As such, it’s perfect for users in flats or apartment blocks, as you’re guaranteed not to disturb your neighbours. It’s also small and compact when folded up.

The Marcy has a good foam-padded seat, and is comfortable to use, though again if you’re giving this machine some serious use then it may begin to get a little bit uncomfortable after hitting it hard with a 40 minute workout. The seat is quite big, so this machine is great for small to average-sized users. Larger users should be fine, but may need to look for something a step or two up.

It’s a long machine at 183cm, so is great for taller users. Even better is that it folds up very easily, with just one pin needing to be removed, and its size is instantly halved.

It’s slightly fiddly to install – it took me about 25-30 minutes, but if you’re not fully concentrating could take you a bit longer. But just pay close attention to the instructions and you’ll be just fine!

You might get a little bit of pain from using the foam oars, and the build quality isn’t outstanding, but if you’re buying a £200 rowing machine, you don’t expect it to be. There are a few reviews out there staying that they’ve experienced issues after a couple of months of constant use, but we’ve not experienced anything yet, and I’d say you’ll experience similar kinds of minor issues with any rowing machine of this low price tag.


This rowing machine a big punch for its price tag. If you’re a serious rower and want something with high resistance then you may need to up your budget a little bit, but for beginners and amateur rowers, this still gives you a very decent workout for a very, very good price.


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