JTX Cyclo 6: Gym Spec Aerobic Training Bike Review

Product Description

This advanced training bike, from fitness equipment specialists JTX, features a 22kg flywheel, a quiet, belt-drive operating system and resistance by means of leather friction pads. You can adjust your resistance as much as you like, a feature the makers call an ‘infinite’ level of resistance.

Adjustable handlebars and seat mean that you can fully customise the bike to suit your body-type. The bike comes with a 2 year on-site guarantee.

Our Review

This is an exercise bike for those who take their training seriously and want to get a gym-quality ride at home. The superior quality does make it more expensive than some exercise bikes, but it is still excellent value for money when you take the overall package into consideration. Including packaging, it weighs in at 64kg and its maximum load is an impressive 160kg.

The feedback monitor could be better, which we explore in more depth below, but the quality of the workout is great and the bike itself is built to last. All in all, you won’t get a better bike in this price range. At the time of print, this bike is retailing for around £459, which is excellent value for money, and a discount on its RRP of £599.

There is no ‘entertainment system’ or place to rest smartphones or tablets, but this will not be a drawback for those who are serious about training – and if you’re buying this for the home then this shouldn’t be a problem at all. The water-bottle and holder are a nice extra for those who like to work up a good sweat without pausing to rehydrate.

Build quality

JTX, the manufacturers, have chosen some really sturdy materials for this bike. Heavy gauge welded steel plate and cast steel accounts for the mass of this rather weighty bike. The pedals are also metal – a good indication of sturdiness and an improvement on some gym-standard machines that use (admittedly strong) plastics for the pedals.

The seat and handlebar adjustments make the JTX Cyclo 6 suitable for everyone from the tall to the tiny and the adjustment is very easy and quick – an advantage when more than one person uses the equipment. The ride experience itself is excellent and compares well with much pricier models. The belt drive is pleasantly smooth and quiet.

The overall appearance of this bike is business-like and sturdy rather than ‘sexy’ and it is suitable for spinning enthusiasts and cyclists who want to keep their form up with a stationary bike at home.  Beginners may choose this bike simply because it is so durable, but as their fitness improves, they will begin to explore the real potential of this excellent piece of equipment.

Settings and action

With the Cyclo 6, it’s all about the ride. It’s a fully customizable experience. Resistance can be adjusted with a turn of knob, so you can get a nicely varied ride with ease. The ‘infinite resistance’ is possible through the bike’s leather friction pads, which mean you’ll never manage to max the bike out, and it’ll grow with you. This is good for such a reasonably priced bike, and many mid-range bikes can have low levels of resistance as their downfall, but this bike will keep on giving as your stamina and fitness improve.

You also feel really secure on the Cycle 6, and it remains stable no matter how hard you peddle.

It runs quietly and smoothly, but will need a bit of lubrication and maintenance from time to time. All in all, this is the closest you will get to a genuine road-bike ride experience except that it may even be more comfortable as a result of the ergonomic adjustments you can make.

Feedback display

The feedback display is very basic and unexciting. Frankly, this is the only criticism we have for what is otherwise a really good bike. You get all the basic metrics (spped, distance, time, calories, heart rate), but the display only shows one of these at a time. As with most built-in heart-rate and calorie consumption monitors, the results are sometimes questionable, but most spinning enthusiasts should find that this is true even of professional equipment.

Setting it up

Setup is really easy, but the whole package is pretty heavy, so you may need some help if you have to carry it upstairs. Assembly should take 20 – 30 minutes and doesn’t require any special tools or know-how; it’s one of the easiest we’ve come across in a while. The instructions are easy to follow, but customer support is available if you have any questions.


The JTX Cyclo 6 aerobic training bike is a high quality home exercise bike that offers a gym-quality workout, features robust construction and thoughtful design and will offer even the fittest rider a challenging workout.

This stationary bike is a good choice for experienced riders, but beginners will appreciate the rugged construction and stability it offers. Aesthetically it looks neat and business-like – overall a gimmick-free piece of equipment for those who are serious about fitness.

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