JLL S300 Treadmill Review

Product Description

The JLL S300 digital treadmill is a treadmill that’s aimed at family fitness. It’s definitely not up to the standard of professional gym equipment, but it’s also a whole lot cheaper. It can be adjusted up to a speed of 16km per hour and has 20 levels of incline adjustment.

The S300 offers pulse-controlled workouts. It also has 15 running programs, 3 of which are programmable to suit your personal preferences. As an added safety feature, it has a magnetic trip switch that attaches to clothing and that switches the treadmill off in the event of a fall.

Our Review

For the price-range, the JLL SS300 digital an excellent treadmill. Operation is smooth, and the speed and incline settings allow for everything from light exercise to a fairly demanding run at race speed.

Although it folds, it still takes up a fair amount of space, so you do need to have space to spare for it. At the same time, the weight is a positive point, since it indicates a higher level of robustness and stability than you would normally find in a folding treadmill.

Build Quality

The machine weighs in at 70kg, so although it’s not as chunky as a pro treadmill, it is sturdier than most home models. The running deck is a bit small – big enough for those of average height – but may be a problem for the very tall.

The LCD monitor does not look like a particularly high quality item, and there have been complaints of fragmented displays and wiring working loose, though ours didn’t have any problems while we were using it.

However, the machine comes with a 5 year motor, 2 year parts guarantee and lifetime frame guarantee, indicating confidence in its durability on the part of its manufacturers, and means if worst does come to worst then you’re protected. Reports on customer service are generally good and in testing we found that response time was excellent.

Settings and action

The action is smooth and the settings are responsive. Not all home treadmills have gradient settings, and few have as many as twenty, so this is an added benefit if you’re looking to work in some muscle training with hill climbs into your workout. It goes from a 0% incline right up to a 12%, which gives you quite an uphill workout.

No treadmill is completely silent, but the S300 treadmill uns relatively quietly even at higher speeds. The motor has endurance and can operate at the higher speed settings for as long as you like, so although this is a home treadmill, it’s also suitable for more serious runners. You can customise and build your own running programme, which is a definite plus, but the pre-programmed runs are good too if you want to use the machine straight out of the box.

The integrated speakers and sound input jack are an added bonus, allowing you to plug in your iPod or other MP3 player and listen to music without headphones as you train. As an added bonus, you can even plug in your tablet and get visuals to keep you entertained as you train.

Feedback display

The display is bright, clear and easy to use and the user interface is easy to understand. All the usual feedback metrics are available: time, speed, distance, heart rate and calories burned. The speakers are small but the sound reproduction is excellent.

Setting it up

Set up is very simple, but bear in mind that this treadmill does not stow completely vertically. Given that it is fairly heavy, it would be most practical to set it up in the area where it will be used. Ensure that you have rubber matting under the treadmill to prevent damage to flooring.


For the price range, this is an excellent treadmill. It does take up a bit of space, but the sturdier build makes this a good trade-off. Gradient settings and a good range of speed settings ensure that this treadmill can present anyone with a challenging workout.

Our overall feedback about the S300 treadmill from JLL is that it offers excellent value for the price range, and will be a great machine for the everyday user, while not offering the level needed for more serious runners.

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