JLL D100 Treadmill Review

Product Description

This treadmill is a budget model with few frills, but all the basics you need for a home workout. Maximum speed is 16 kmph, and there is a single, manual incline setting. There are 10 pre-set running programs and it is suitable for use by people weighing up to 120kg. The JLL D100 comes with a lifetime guarantee on the frame and an on-site warranty for all parts over 2 years. It also features a trip switch safety feature and built-in speakers.

Our Review

If you need a home fitness device on a budget, this machine is an excellent choice. It doesn’t pretend to be a top-range item, but it is practical, straightforward and has enough features to give the average person a good workout experience.

The single incline setting may deter serious runners, but the motor is strong enough for sustained use, and the higher speed settings are challenging enough for anyone. It is not a professional item, but it ranks extremely well compared to other treadmills within its price range. It folds away nicely and stores vertically, so it’s handy for those who lack space. As home treadmills go, this is a quality item that offers a decided price advantage.

Build Quality

This is an area in which this treadmill exceeds most of its competitors in the budget price-range. Robust construction does mean that the machine weighs more and is less easy to move around, but it will make this treadmill more durable and stable. The guarantees are water-tight, so you’re assured of a full on-site repair service at no cost for the first two years and it is logical to assume that the manufacturers are not expecting many comebacks. This said, the treadmill needs to be viewed in the perspective of its price-range, and in this context, it excels.

Settings and action

On the plus side, the action is smooth and relatively quiet and the motor has more than enough stamina. There is a good range of speed settings, but on the down-side, only the single manual gradient setting. However, even with this limitation, all but the most avid runners should be able to get a relatively intense workout. For those of average fitness, there would not be much point in investing in a costlier model since all the basics are in place and functional.

If you’re looking for just a little bit of an extra boost, the S300 model from JLL has twenty gradient levels, so offers an extra challenge without adding a huge amount to the price.

Feedback display

The controls are straightforward and user-friendly. Audio controls are on the left and speed controls on the right. These are chunky enough to allow for easy operation whilst running. The display, though compact, is easy to read. All the information you would expect, namely, time, speed, distance, heart rate and calories burned are displayed. The speakers have good sound reproduction quality.

Setting it up

Assembly takes 20 – 30 minutes and does not require any special tools. However, you should protect flooring with rubber matting to prevent scuffing or damage.


As a basic, cost-effective treadmill, the JLL D100 exceeds the majority of treadmills within its price range. This can largely be attributed to the build quality which should ensure a pleasant workout experience and a good few years of trouble-free service.

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