Brooks Men’s Beast Running Shoe Review

Product Description

Available in Anthracite/White/Black/Silver and Kodiak/Midnight Blue/White/Silver/Black, the Brooks Men’s Beast Running Shoe is designed for users with excessive overpronation, delivering maximum support and cushioning. Yet it maintains flexibility in the forefoot, making the shoe truly runnable.

Its unique DNA adaptive cushioning system is designed to provide the runner with an individual, custom and personalised cushoning in the three key areas of concern – toes, midfoot and heel – and it is designed to control and counteract excessive pronation with its Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB). There is excellent cushioning and shock absorption, and its BIOMOGO midsole is award winning for the shock reduction provided on landing and takeoff. It is engineered to allow for progressive pronation control, and a better transition from landing to take off.

It has a custom outsole – E-Fusion – a compound regarded as better than the traditional rubber soles in both wet and dry conditions, allowing you to concentrate on your performance rather than worry about your trainers. It provides skid resistance, abrasion loss and resiliency, whatever the weather or surface.

These trainers are widely accepted as the ‘daddy’ of motion control. They deliver maximum-strength support and long-lasting cushioning.

Our Review

As you can see from the product description above, the manufacturers hold this shoe in very high regard. The Brooks Men’s Beast Running Shoe is designed for the serious overpronator, and it has a whole host of buzzwords to describe the technology that helps reduce the stress placed on the foot by pronation. Its DNA adaptive cushioning system, BIOMOGO midsole and Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB), as well as the E-Fusion sole, all make this a very scientific shoe. Oh, and it has Silver Fiber in the sock liner for ‘a comfortable, thermally balanced footbed’, perfect for those of you who urgently require a thermally balanced footbed.

Thankfully, science aside, this is an excellent running shoe, and will work wonders for those of us cursed with overpronating feet. The Brooks Men’s Beast trainer is lightweight and flexible, but sturdily built, if not a little on the heavy side. They are great for larger runners, those with low arches or flat feet, and you will see improvements even without insoles/orthotics. Of course, for more advanced treatments, you can easily slot in an insole and still have a very comfortable shoe.

As someone who has had to previously had to stop running due to flat feet issues, I feel so much more comfortable with these shoes. They provide great support and will encourage you to get out and get back on top of your game. I have managed to up my game and am now running 10 miles a week – unthinkable 6 months ago.

They might be a little on the pricey side, but for those with serious overpronation problems who want to be able to get back out and start running again, it is definitely worth spending a little extra on a serious pair of trainers. They won’t wear out quickly either – you get what you pay for and you should be able to use these shoes comfortably for a year or more, depending on use. Plus, compared to the previous generations of Brooks’ trainers, these are actually an attractive pair. I’m partial to the Midnight Blue/White pair, but Black/Silver is also available.

I’ve also heard they’re great shoes for individuals with plantar fasciitis, and are recommended by physiotherapists for dealing with the condition, so it’s worth a look if you suffer from this. The Brooks Men’s Beast Running Shoe really is a beast of a shoe, and I thoroughly recommend it for overpronators.

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