Bodymax Infiniti R100 Super Rowing Machine (2015 Model) Review

Product Description

The Bodymax Infiniti R100 Super Rowing Machine is a home fitness machine designed for those who want something more than just a standard home workout machine. It has 42 workout programs that include four pulse controlled programs and a race program and works with an air magnetic resistance system that has 16 resistance settings ranging from 30 to 300 Watts. A wireless heart-rate transmitter is available as an optional extra.

Our Review

This is a robust rowing machine that will last for years. The rowing action is excellent, it can be folded away and it includes some attractive extra features like steel foot platforms with heel supports that flex with your feet as you row. This rower will suit the more serious athlete, but is also excellent for beginners who want a fairly serious piece of exercise equipment.

Build Quality

The machine weighs in at a fairly solid 55kg. Although this is fairly heavy, you have to attribute that to the sturdy construction which looks to be up to professional standards. That’s a plus if you enjoy a punishing workout and want a machine that will go the distance several times a week for a few years. To back this up, the Bodymax Infiniti R100 comes with a 5 year parts guarantee.

Weight capacity is for users is a respectable 150kg and the slider rail is roomy enough to allow for rowers over 6ft tall. Although the nylon belt may raise an eyebrow, it’s good, strong woven nylon that should have a good load capacity and durability. You also won’t have to lubricate it.

Since its release, this rower has built itself an excellent reputation and no amount of research into other people’s experience with this rower turns up anything particularly negative about it.


The combination of air and magnetic resistance allows for increasing resistance with speed, an effect that purely magnetic rowers or straight air resistance rowers can’t match up to.  While this makes it a bit ‘noisier’ than a magnetic rower, it’s still quieter than most air resistance rowers thanks to the nylon strap. The resistance automatically adjusts during the course of your workout and you can link it to the heart rate parameters you’re aiming for.

Feedback display

The display is nice and bright and the computer can store information for up to 5 users. The main criticism here is that the data is not transferrable to other devices. Program options include the basic manual setting, white water, ramp, pacer (race against computer) and HRC (heart rate control) where you can enter your cardio paramaters. Thanks to the bright display, it’s easy to track progress as you go and programming and operation are straightforward.

Setting it up

Set up is quick and the tool you need is provided. It takes about 30 minutes, but you may need a hand to steady some of the heavier parts. Although it’s a fairly weighty item, folding up is hassle-free. It’s a straightforward mechanism with a screw in locking pin.


For the price, I was expecting a pretty good rower, and the Bodymax Infiniti R100 does not disappoint. I really like the robust build quality, you can see that this rower means business. I particularly like the 5 year parts warranty.

The combination of magnetic and air resistance works likes a dream. I’ve always liked the slightly cooling breeze and the action of air resistance machines, but this hybrid is an improvement. It’s also quite a lot quieter than most air resistance models, but you should expect some whirring.

As an investment in fitness, I’d say this is a good rower. You pay a bit more than you would for some of the more lightweight items, but it’s a much more serious product. The ergonomics are excellent (good, broad seat, comfortable handle design, etc) and there are plenty of workout options to stop you from getting bored.

The adjustable display is great, the computer is easy to figure out, but it is a pity that you can’t transfer your data since I tend to be a bit of a fitness / techno geek and like my apps.

The rower is heavy, so you won’t want to move it about too often, but it’s not too difficult if you really need to shift it. I’m happy to have a heavier machine if I can get good durability.

The bottom line?

This is a good rower and it’s not just me that says so. I’ve yet to find anyone who is disappointed with their purchase. It’s not the cheapest option, so beginners should consider whether they’re going to persevere before spending, but it’s certainly a high-quality item that looks to be relatively maintenance free and un-temperamental.

If you’re looking for a high-quality home rower that gives you a challenging workout, the Bodymax Infiniti R100 is a great investment in your fitness.

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