Bodymax CF415 Barbell Squat Rack Review Review

Product Description

The Bodymax CF415 is a mid-budget half rack with a capacity of 250kg. Highly adjustable, the CF415 is suited for beginners looking to add a barbell squat rack to their home gym setup.

You can adjust the width and spotter catches and at its current price is an absolute bargain.

Our Review

The Bodymax CF415 is ideal for those building their own home gym. An incredibly flexible piece of kit. You can use this rack for squats, dips and bench press exercises, making it an excellent all in one tool for beginner to intermediate barbell exercises.

The equipment is incredibly simple (virtually self explanatory when you lay out the parts) to set up and is highly adjustable, making an excellent alternative for those who might not have the space for a full power rack. It folds down to a manageable size which is easily put away.

When you first unpack the equipment, you can see its build quality is impeccable. With the exception of the rubber grips on the catchers, the build is solid. The frame is clearly built to last with solid welds at the joints. Rated for a maximum weight of 250kg, there’s plenty of room for you to progress to some solid gains.

The rack comes with spotter catchers that are larger than most, which you’ll be grateful for when you’re coming to the end of that final set of your final workout on a Friday after work. The size is easy to find when training solo, and is on par with some of the more premium racks.


With it’s incredibly low price of £151, the Bodymax CF415 is one of the best value fitness products on the market. Featuring a strong build quality, the rack is a great starting point for beginner’s to strength training. The CF415 is one of the most highly adjustable half racks on the market and can be adjusted easily to fold away. A great addition to any home gym and unlocks all kinds of squat, dip and bench exercises to add to your workout.

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